TSL overview

Technology Supported Learning (TSL) is a professional development workshop for community college faculty. There is a structured overview with regular due dates to help everyone stay on track and encourage lively asynchronous discussions among participants. There are associated activities to step you through the actual course building process. We talk about the application of technologies to each of the good pedagogy practices covered, than suggest specific activities for creating or adding course activities. Peer review is invited and encouraged – show-and-tell works for faculty too. The workshop is offered as a facilitated online course, but the materials can be used … Continue reading TSL overview

oer learning

oer learning 4 Sources for Conducting Academic Research in the Digital Age Long gone are the days of being limited to your college’s library for academic research. With the internet came new ways of searching scholarly acceptable sources—from peer-reviewed articles in… Can I get hired with my online degree? Plus 5 other FAQs about online education With more than 6.6 million students nationwide enrolled in online classes, it is important to address a few of the most frequently asked questions our enrollment team receives. If you, too, are con… Intro: OEI Online Readiness Tutorials Online vs. ClassroomIf you’re watching this … Continue reading oer learning

oer resources

openEd – oer resources Open Education – teaching, learning, OERS, educators (faculty, organization), learners (students), resources – repositories, lists, directories for higher ed, some k-12, courses, lessons, activities Teaching Resources | CMC – California Mathematics Council online resources were selected as examples of sites that are available online for educators to use to find lesson ideas, online projects, movie clips, and/or interactive games/activities to use to… NSDL | OER Commons National Science Digital Library Serving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educationResource TypeActivities and LabsAssessmentsAudio LecturesCase StudyDataFull CourseGamesHome… LearnCloud, powered by Rumie Rumie LearnCloud: the world’s largest crowdsourced open repository of … Continue reading oer resources

dialogflow, feec

learning – FEEC 2020 resources support – codecraft live documentation & help . dialogflow introduction and startup Editions  |  Dialogflow Documentation  |  Google Cloud ” Dialogflow Console (visit documentation, open console) can optionally create a basic project for you when you create an agent. If you plan on using your project for more than just basic acce… GrantsAlert.com GrantsAlert is your one stop to find current funding opportunities for yourschool, district, and community. ” Tags:</strong&g… Mercedes-Benz x Matchbox: No Limits With a Matchbox car and its incredible backstory, we’ve collaborated with @Mattel to remind girls they have no limits.We’ve transformed … Continue reading dialogflow, feec