The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites

Mark Daoust says

ugliness has never looked better… ugly websites are surprisingly effective in making money. As a person who puts business before technology, a profitable website is an unbelievably attractive website to me.”

Case in point. Plenty of Fish may not be drop-dead gorgeous as sites go, but the subject – ad-supported free dating, has a huge appeal. $10,000 per day isn’t too shabby. Hey, whatever works!

There are two general rules that you must keep in mind when building your website: 1) What type of message will resonate with my visitors, and 2) Is the site easy to use?

Also on his list of ugly-but-wildly-effective sites.

I’m not so sure I would go so far as to call them “ugly” (except maybe Drudge Report) but they are rather “plain.” Anyway, you get the idea. However, there are plenty of really attractive, functional sites. Sites can be astheticly pleasing and functional.

Websites, like any other marketing tool, convey a message and are an invitation for visitors to trust us. Our design needs to reflect this.

Great advice for any business, large or small.

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