nrp: Glowing in the Dark

Glowing in the Dark


Nuclear power is currrently the only practical alternative to the dwindling supplies of fossil fuel. Most American have an unfounded adverse reaction to this notion. But until fusion becomes a safe, clean, modern and efficiently harnessed energy source, we may have to come to grips with our fears.

Why it is relevant to a national audience

Gas prices are soaring. Wars and hurricanes shut down major fossil fuel production and distribution. Accessible sources are dwindling. Many of the alternates being promoted are not what the claim to be. There is a great deal of interest in the topic. There is also considerable mis-information being presented by both well-intentioned but misguided groups and those who stand to profit from the fear, uncertanty and doubt. There is an opportunity to present yet another, rational, unbiased side based on scientific enquiry and cool-headed logic.

Potential interviewees

1. What human rights, social or economic justice issue will be addressed?

There are many social implications associated with alternative energy sources – basic needs like shelter, transportation, food production; higher order needs – manufacturing and the impact these have on the global economy.

2. Which of the voices/opinions are not often heard on the mainstream media?

Rational middle ground – neither alarmist or spinmeister.

3. How will the point of view expressed differ from what is heard in the commercial media?

Much of what is heard in the public media is either sympathetic to the alarmists or self-service rhetoric fashioned by professional publicists. There is a need to look at the facts and present background on which listeners can make their own informed decisions and formulate a more moderate opinion as they choose.

4. Explain how the piece will address the structural roots of inequities.

There are plenty of examples of the extreme and opposing positions available in the main-stream media. There is even plenty of public information that refutes these arguments. There is little that presents a strong case for the “goodness” of nulcear energy and what is preventing its wide spread adoption, particularly in the US.

5. Describe the practices, policies and or institutions that are biased with respect to race, class, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic power, and how they will be exposed.

6. How will the piece question access to power and/or reveal the use and abuse of power?

7. How will the piece connect the issue(s) addressed to the life of the average listener?

Will we be shivering, naked in the dark? Will we glow in the dark? No, on both counts.

8. How will the piece motivate the listener to act?

  • Accept that nuclear energy has a place in the list of viable alternatives to fossil fuel
  • Re-assess the arguments and information sources promoting positions opposing nuclear energy
  • Discuss the possibilities with friends and neighbors with logical, well-founded information

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