nrp: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena

National Radio Project: Making Contact

The Little Old Lady From Pasadena


As many as 60% of women over 70 will live in poverty. Not in a third world country, but right here in America, the global financial superpower. How can this happen in a country as prosperous as the United States.

Why it is relevant to a national audience

The first wave of Baby Boomers (born in 1946-1964) are approaching retirement. Just as they have had an enormous impact throughout their lives – student activism int the late 60s and 70s, feminism, consumerism of the 90s, personal investing, housing speculation – Boomers in retirement will have a profound impact on the economy and the culture.

?? demographics of Making Contact listeners?

Potential interviewees

researchers/academics ? Elizabeth Warren
National Consumer Law Center ? John Rao
women over 70 living in poverty who had been “middle class” as adults

1. What human rights, social or economic justice issue will be addressed?

economic – how they got there, how this can happen
social issues – providing support, services to this group

2. Which of the voices/opinions are not often heard on the mainstream media?

3. How will the point of view expressed differ from what is heard in the commercial media?
4. Explain how the piece will address the structural roots of inequities.
5. Describe the practices, policies and or institutions that are biased with respect to race, class, gender, sexual orientation or socioeconomic power, and how they will be exposed.
6. How will the piece question access to power and/or reveal the use and abuse of power?
7. How will the piece connect the issue(s) addressed to the life of the average listener?
8. How will the piece motivate the listener to act?


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