[S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien]

Positions Available

DECK :The Deck Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the cargo gear, maintenance of the ship’s structures, ship handling while underway and general seamanship. If you have experience or a desire and talent for learning this, we need you. The ship has a training program for volunteers seeking to become able-bodied seaman.

DOCENTS: Members of this department take the money for admittance to the ship, explain the ship to passersby on the pier and maintain a watch for pier-side safety. Aboard the ship, docents lead visitors and school groups in tours, watch for and modify inappropriate and unsafe visitor behavior and provide safety and security to the ship. They also give detailed explanations of the history and use of Liberty Ships and information about cruises and upcoming events on the ship. Docents are needed every hour of every day that the ship is open to the public. On cruises docents do safety and security assignments and assist with crowd control, boarding and disembarking. Experience in this department may provide an entry for admittance and training in other departments.

volunteerENGINE: We need volunteers for the engine department. It would be good for applicants to this department to have maritime experience,marine engine experience and licenses, SCTW qualifications or possess mechanical, machinery or plumbing skills that the ship needs. But talk to us, whatever your experience. The ship has a training program by which candidates may qualify for a license limited to the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.

GUNS: Members of this department maintain the guns and gun mounts aboard the ship. Members of this department do work aboard the ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

OFFICE: The shore-side office of the National Liberty Ship Memorial provides the administrative support for the SS Jeremiah O’Brien. Clerical and computer skills are needed here as well as the ability to deal with the public in a professional manner. Prior experience working with volunteer organizations, non-profits and fund-raising is a plus. During the ship’s cruises some members of the office assist with some on-board duties.

STEWARDS: Members of this department are responsible for the cleanliness of the heads, dining areas and public use areas of the ship. This department prepares the meals for members of the crew and serves the continental breakfast on the cruises.

STORE: Members of the ship’s store sell, stock and take mail orders for merchandise of the SS Jeremiah O’Brien’s ship store.

S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien docked near Golden Gate Bridge

Keeping the Jeremiah O’Brien running is about as labor intensive as anyone can imagine. It requires experienced maritime officers and ordinary sailers, deck hands and cooks, machinists and medics, and just about any job you would expect to find on any ship.

This is, after all, a running ship capable of carrying passengers. Not only is the visitor to this living memorial intellectually satisfied, but he or she can feel, in a small way, the physical and emotional sensation of what it must have been like to sail on a liberty ship.

But the need is for more than volunteers with maritime skills. We need administrators, public relations experts, folks with office skills, fundraisers, teachers, historians, people to staff our ship’s store — in other words, anyone who is willing to volunteer the hours and has a willingness to work.

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[S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien docked near Golden Gate Bridge]