Depressed? Net-based Treatments Can Help

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Depressed? Net-based Treatments Can Help
Posted by CowboyNeal on Friday October 27, @03:28AM
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Jung and the Restless writes “Researchers at an Australian university have found that regular visits to therapeutic and educational web sites can successfully treat depression. Researchers directed patients to The MoodGYM, a cognitive behavior therapy site, and BluePages, a depression education site. After 12 months, users of both web sites reported improvement, with the educational site working out better than the behavior therapy site. A psychotherapist who did not participate in the study says that the results aren’t all that surprising. ‘Cognitive behavioral strategies — sometimes in conjunction with medication — are the most effective means of treating depression,’ and ‘a person who is visiting an educational site like BluePages is taking the necessary steps with her own self-care. That’s a key component of successful treatment for depression'”

Net-based psychiatric treatments sometimes beneficial

The MoodGYM is therapeutic in nature, a cognitive behavior therapy site dedicated to preventing depression by helping users to “identify and overcome problem emotions,” showing them how to “develop good coping skills for the future” in order to enjoy good mental health.

BluePages is a depression education site, providing information about the symptoms of and treatments for depression.


MoodGYM is an internet-based therapy program designed to prevent depression in young people. It consists of five modules, a workbook and some interactive extras, including an interactive game. It includes assessments of anxiety and depression, ‘warpy’ thinking, life-event stress, parental relationships, and pleasant event scheduling. Although it is intended for young people, people who are older may find it helpful.

We recently evaluated MoodGYM in a randomised controlled trial. The results showed that MoodGYM was effective in reducing symptoms of depression in a community sample [3].

MoodGYM is located at