Youth to Youth

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Volunteer Youth Opportunities

Jury Duty – Attending court and being a decision-maker on peer jury is the first step for a youth volunteer. The jury determines the sentence for the youth offender.

Attorney Training – Youth volunteers who show a sustained interest in MYC become eligible to attend a four-week Attorney Training and become youth attorneys. During this training, youth learn to make opening statements and closing arguments for the prosecution and defense, read police reports, question jurors, make objections, and speak in public before groups. After this training, youth attorneys will prosecute and defend youth offenders during youth court sentencing hearings.

Youth Attorney Clubs – Once trained, youth attorneys will meet once a week at their respective schools to prepare cases for court night, discuss their cases and court, receive advanced attorney training, and be advised by one another and guest lecturing adult attorneys.

Summer Law Camp – The Summer Law Camp offers an advanced attorney training at Mills College every summer.
Look at photos from the 2002 Summer Camp

Youth on the Board of Directors – Presently, one youth sits on the MYC Board of Directors and is in the process of being trained using Youth on Board materials. This youth member will be matched with an adult mentor board member for support and guidance. Other youth positions on the MYC Board may arise.

The Internship Program

MYC offers paid on-the-job training for youth who show maintained commitment to the program. Interns lead law clubs at their high schools. In addition, they learn methods of recruiting and training new jury and attorney training candidates. Each intern has the opportunity to interact with professionals in the community and build relationships that often lead to job and career recommendations. Interns receive the following trainings:

  • Jury Preparedness & Youth Attorney Training
  • Conflict Resolution & Victim-Offender Reconciliation Training
  • Leadership & Small Group Facilitation Training
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR Training
  • National Youth Court Conference Training