third age

Boomer, 50 Plus, Senior, Older Adult, Elder… none of these terms really resonate. How about Third Age?

According to a 12-year study by Dr. William Sadler, we will live an average of thirty years longer than our forbearers of 1900. He calls this our “30-year life bonus” and uses “The Third Age” to signify a new period of life not possible for previous generations.

1ST AGE = PREPARATION: Our First Age prepares us for life. In the early years we develop skills we need to support our Second Age independence…

2ND AGE = ACHIEVEMENT: In Second Age we earn a place in the adult world of responsibility. Our focus here is on security, belonging and status…

3RD AGE = FULFILLMENT: Third Age begins as advancement becomes less important. Wisdom and self-awareness bring new ease with ourselves and others. Freed from the responsibilities of family and career, we can create our Third Age so it truly becomes “THE BEST IS YET TO BE!”

4TH AGE = COMPLETION: This is a time to experience successful aging, the last stage of life on this plane. Growing to our full potential in Third Age prepares us for this completion.

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Third Age – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Third Age is a fictional time period from J. R. R. Tolkien’s universe of Middle-earth.