Hilary Rodham ClintonActually, she didn’t eat any of her dinner.

To make a point about not eating everything on your plate, Katherine Tallmadge, a Registered Dietician with a nutrition counseling practice in Washington, DC, relates a story of a client who sat next to Hilary Rodham Clinton, the former first lady and current senator, at a formal dinner. He couldn’t help but notice that Mrs. Clinton didn’t touch her dinner. Even though Mrs. Clinton totally ignored her food, no one else noticed.

If looking great in those beautiful little suits is important, someone as strong-willed as Mrs. Clinton has no problem controlling her food intake. It is all about having a plan for dealing with food situations and sticking with it. I bet she had a nice meal of something tastey within her daily nutrition allowances before she arrived. No worries about deciding how much and what to eat. No chance of spilling soup in her lap. She was free to devote all her attention to the memorable table conversations. Whatever works…