nutrition projects

one page
– overview of good nutrition, meal planning on a single page, space to record daily servings
USDA Food Intake
12 calorie levels, food groups, recommended servings per day, vegetable subgroups, calories by age and activity level

personalized one page
– metabolic type / color
– goal orientation – weight loss, eating disorder, health problem
– nutritional concerns – nutrients
– diabetic exchanges

educational workshops
– single session
– multi session series – better for seniors – not too much information in one session, opportunity to ask follow-up questions for clarification and elaboration next week ? Mastick 10:30 – after fitness classes before lunch

blog – healthyeating
– report interesting sites
– case studies – client consultation / advise notes

– boomers nutrition – current eating, concerns, how to improve
– seniors – nutrition survey, activities, general health and well-being
– writing / publishing

advising / consulting
– consultation – $, licensing, joint practice, part-time – RD $125 – written notes with suggestions, product recommendations
– volunteer – community services, seniors groups – Mastick, Oakland, Berkeley
– Alameda Hospital – research specific topics, read literature & summarize, outreach – schools, community events, flyers – patient info 3-fold, email newletter, web-based resource information, develop presentations

Alameda Hospital
Mastick Senior Center
Alameda County Food Bank – advocacy and nutrition education

topics to research

metabolic type / individual
# Biochemical Individuality
# The Metabolic Typing Diet: Customize Your Diet to Your Own Unique Body Chemistry by William Linz Wolcott
# Genetic Nutritioneering by Jeffrey S. Bland
# The Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type by Harold J. Kristal
# Whole Food Facts: The Complete Reference Guide by Evelyn Roehl
# Healthy Immunity: Scientifically Proven Natural Treatments for Conditions from A-Z by Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe

excess nutrients
Vitamin D