Rote Learning Improves Memory

Rote Learning Improves Memory In Seniors
Science Daily

As people age, they often begin to experience forgetfulness and may have difficulty learning new material. Approximately 40 percent of people over age 60 have some kind of memory difficulty.

Mild, age-related memory loss is caused by the loss of brain cells over time, along with changes in brain chemistry. The researchers studied how repeated cognitive exercise impacts memory and recall, as well as the health of brain cells involved in memory.

link and comments from OLDaily

Fascinating.”Researchers found that seniors who engaged in
an intensive period of rote learning followed by an equally
long rest period exhibited improved memory and verbal
recall.” Perhaps, based on this, we should give students
their final exams after the summer break has ended.
Practice and reflection, right?

The study is quite small but any new information in this area is helpful, especially if it yields actionable results that can be widely implemented at little or no cost without adverse effects.