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Ask TechSoup: Open-Source Tools for Fundraising?
Looking for affordable fundraising software you can tailor to
your organization’s needs? In this latest installment of Ask
TechSoup, we provide you with a quick overview of free,
customizable open-source fundraising solutions, including
databases and CRM packages.

Measuring the Impact of Your Web Presence
Showcasing the return on investment of your Internet
communications is one way to demonstrate why your site is a
resource worth cultivating. Here are some easy, basic ways to
show decision-makers how much impact your Web presence has.


Shared Wisdom: Recruiting and Managing Volunteers
In this third installment of our ongoing Shared Wisdom series,
several organizations share their online-recruitment success
stories and talk about the tools they use to keep volunteers
informed and engaged.

State of Online Technology in the Social-Change Sector
A recent study by dotOrganize found that while nonprofits have
begun to harness the Web’s power over the last five years, they
continue to struggle to make use of new and emerging
technologies. This summary of the study’s key findings reveals
how nonprofits are currently using technology and where there’s
room for improvement.

How do we get our message out to our constituents without being
marked as spammers?

(For more spam-prevention tips, check out TechSoup’s Spam
Prevention Toolkit at,
launched in honor of our fourth annual Stop Spam Today!