Geneen Roth

A hiking friend put me on to Geneen (often appears incorrectly as Jeanine) Roth and her work. Understanding what we “need” and how this relates to eating as a real but misguided desire to satisfy the need is the underlying message. Often our actions are well intentioned but inappropriate.

… stop dieting and eat what the body wants when it is hungry, trusting that once the emotional reasons behind the overeating are address, the body will eat what’s healthy

… So what are women really hungry for?
“I think to know themselves as valuable, as being enough,” she says. “Not just getting enough or doing enough or working enough or having enough, but actual being enough. … To just know that who I am is enough.”

The notion of self-nourishment is a bit fuzzy for Drivers and Analyticals, but the underlying premise is a good one. It is about exercising personal control over all aspects of your life – not as easy as it sounds. Why would you want to do that? How do you do that? These are hard questions that everyone struggles with some of the time. Some people get it and get on with their lives. Some people don’t and spend their lives being fat, frustrated and generally unhappy.

happiness is…

It’s true that having a noncompulsive relationship with food frees our energy and time. It also allows us to feel lighter and less restricted. But happiness, as the saying goes, is not in getting what you want, but in wanting what you have.

… Being concrete about what we already have works every time, and here’s why: One of the few things over which we have control is where we put our attention. And if we pay attention to the fact that we can move, breathe, feel, laugh, cry, and notice sunsets, there is cause for joy. Every single one of us has a richly embroidered life, though different from the one (we believe) we would choose. If we put our attention on what we already have instead of what we lack, that desperate, panicky feeling that something is wrong and someone else has it better goes away. We come back home to ourselves and begin liking our own lives — which is all we ever wanted from being thin anyway.

? Weight Watchers connection

Books by Geneen Roth
Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating
Feeding the Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating
When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy (Plume)

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