Is Healthy Food Too Expensive?

Certainly, the cost of healthy eating is a concern, particularly for older adults. Add to this, the confusion caused by scary advertising hype, big bold claims on packages, and nutrition panels on everything all in 4 point (unreadable) type.

Packaged food is BIG business. Food companies don’t want those average citizens deciding what is good for them and what they should be eating. I know – let’s make this really confusing… We used to talk about FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) in the most predatory technology sales and marketing tactics. Now it is here in a supermarket near you.

But really – what is the cost of good health. Priceless.

This is going to be a long drawn out up-hill battle before people realize that they did know better. And (arg…) your mother was right – eat your vegetables.

New research has highlighted three barriers to eating healthily; income, education level, and perceived price of healthy food.

… Anecdotally, I believe that certain healthier options (via the supermarket) are more expensive. Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean cuts of meat and poultry – are more expensive than white bread and poor-quality sausages (for example).

However, with enough education, it is possible to help balance the equation. Buying oats instead of high-priced sugary cereals (for example), buying produce in season, drinking more water instead of sweetened drinks, are just a few ideas.

Is Healthy Food Too Expensive?

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