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Nutrition for Life author Catherine Saxelby describes an eating plan that helps people lose excess weight and keep it off.

Well, the best way of eating if you are overweight, is a diet you enjoy and can stick to for more than a week. It has to be sustainable – it’s not about dropping a dress size, it’s about healthy eating for life! Cut down the fat, especially saturated fat. Eat protein at each meal for satiety. Choose high fibre or low GI carbohydrates to slow digestion and absorption. Cut down, but don’t cut out! Eat a large salad a day. It fills you up for few kilojoules. Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. But food aside, you need to adopt some healthier eating habits. Remember, although motivation may get you started, it’s habit that keeps you going and keeps the kilos off.


This seems pretty obvious but it is nice to have it confirmed by reliable resources. SO has maintained this all along.

Calories Count More Than Food Type
Keys to Weight Loss: Calories, Calories, Calories

“A wide variability in the balance of different dietary macronutrients has little effect on mean long-term weight loss during calorie restriction,” Das, Roberts, and colleagues suggest.

The study, funded by the National Institute on Aging, was small but highly sophisticated. The yearlong study enrolled 34 healthy, overweight men and women.

All study participants went on diets designed to cut their calorie counts by 30%.

Half went on a low-glycemic-load diet, a form of low-carb diet that avoids sugary, starchy foods. It’s sometimes called a “slow-carb” diet. They got 40% of their calories from carbs, 30% from fats, and 30% from protein.

The other study participants, whose high-glycemic-index diet was matched for taste, attractiveness of appearance, and calorie count, got 60% of their calories from carbs, 20% from fats, and 20% from protein.

… we did detect a greater tendency for weight and body-fat regain among low-glycemic-diet participants,” Das said in a news release. “This finding suggests that reduced caloric intake may be harder to sustain on low-glycemic diets over time.”


It seems that SO’s experience bears this out. Five months and 50 pound weight loss later, a basic analysis shows about 60% of the 1500 calories are carbs. However, the protein component is higher than fat. This is a no-brainer for the analytical calorie counter. There are a lot of calories in fats of all types. To stay within 1500 calories, avoid all but the most conspicuous fat. Cooking with wine or stock is a low calorie substitute in most dishes. A little butter in mashed potatoes makes a huge difference and is a “treat” now and then.

calorie-count records
compare distribution of Carbs / Protein / Fat with
– mypyramid recommendations
– various diets – south beach, atkins

? weight loss greater than forecast 6 pounds / week
– bmi – actually bigger delta (assumes 2200 required – 1500 actual)
– distribution of calories by nutrient different

diet analysis


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group/shape/type – protein, carbo, mixed – from The Metabolic Type Diet, William Wolcott and Trish Fahey
online questionnaire to find out your Metabolic Type – $39.95
Protein type 70% (40 protein, 30 fat) 30 carb
Mixed type 50% protein / fat, 50 carb
Carbo type 40% (25 protein, 15 fat) 60 carb

40-30-30 Diet (e.g. Zone diet) carbo/protein/fat – suitable for mixed types – can increase fat storage by disturbing oxidation. It can lower metabolic rate by creating a shortage of glucose in carbo types and a shortage of protein in protein types, both resulting in muscle breakdown.

Zone Diet, Zonechefs balances a ratio of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% favorable fats

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