How Much Is a Serving?

How Much Is a Serving? Not what is listed on the food product package. Unfortunately, what the manufacturer says can be harmful to your health. The serving sizes that healthy eating plans recommend are frequently 1/2 or less of the package serving size.

When you’re trying to follow a healthy eating plan, it may help to know how much of a certain kind of food is considered a “serving.” The following table offers some examples.

1/2 cup cooked rice or pasta
1 slice bread
1 cup raw vegetables or fruit
1/2 cup cooked vegetables or fruit
8oz. of milk
1 teaspoon olive oil
3 ounces cooked meat
3 ounces tofu

Hypertension: The DASH Diet

The fruit recommendation is always a problem. Fruits vary enormously in calories per ounce or volume. Using the American Diabetes Association exchanges as a guide, 1 fruit exchange (serving) is 60 calories.

Some examples of what you get for 1 fruit exchange

cantaloupe 11oz
strawberries, whole 1 1/4 cup
orange, small 6 1/2 oz
apple, unpeeled, small 4oz
raisins 2 tbsp

grape juice 1/3 cup
orange juice 1/2 cup
cranberry juice cocktail, reduced-calorie 1 cup

American Diabetes Association

Hypertension: The DASH Diet