the 5BX plan

5 Basic eXercises

The [Royal Canadian Air Force] RCAF has developed 5BX, a set of exercises sure to give the nation twice as much energy. For years, the RCAF has used the 11-minute-a-day regime to get into shape no matter what the locale. 5BX has six levels and combines a series of strenuous exercises like running, squatting and pushups.

The intensity of the exercises varied from level one to six. In the most complicated level, a person scored an A+ for performing many repetitions of five complicated exercises and a one-mile run in 11 minutes.

According to the Canadian Air Force website, the Forces no longer use 5BX. The unsupervised exercise program was later considered dangerous and became invalid with advancements in physiology.

5BX manual with guidelines and descriptions of the exercises

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