The Better Choices Dietâ„¢

The Better Choices Dietâ„¢

ND believes that you need a more powerful tool to assess a food’s dietary benefit, and that’s why we created the Better Choices Diet. The Better Choices Diet doesn’t simply focus on a single nutrient (like carbs or fats). Instead, it analyzes the levels of up to twenty-eight individual nutrients, to help you determine how well each food supports your goal.

For every food that you eat, there are likely to be other equally nutritious foods that will satisfy your hunger with fewer Calories.

The Better Choices Diet starts with a simple nutritional analysis of your current diet. It evaluates each food that you now eat, and recommends alternative foods that may provide more nutritional value and help you feel full on fewer Calories. Instead of shocking your body with an abrupt change in foods, the Better Choices Diet focuses on evolving your diet one food at a time.

The Better Choices Diet determines potential food substitutions with the help of ND’s Nutritional Target Map, which maps food in relation to their predicted satiating effect (Fullness Factor) and nutrient density (ND Rating). Foods closer to the upper right corner of the Nutritional Target Map are Better Choices for healthy weight loss, and foods closer to the lower right corner are Better Choices for healthy weight gain.

ND’s Nutritional Target Map
nice visual representation of nutrient value and “fullness factor”

ND’s Nutrient Search Tool
find food high / low in a particular nutrient

restaurant surveys
interesting problem for restaurants – what customers say and actually order are inconsistent

The Nutritional Effects of Food Processing
overview of some of the effects that cooking and other food processing methods have on the nutritional value of foods. Freezing, Drying, Cooking, and Reheating; Consuming Raw Foods; Grilling Meats