women project

categories – nutrition, health, living, learning, young 60


if I live to be 100… – changing demographics, prosperity, longevity, awareness, nutrition, health care
four generations – me, Mum, grandmothers, great grandmother, great aunt
general health
in and out – food, water, supplements, medication, elimination
everyday eating – nutrition basics, family dinner, meal planning
festive family meals – extended family, must-have dishes
exercise and activity – walking, swimming, skating, boating
relations – spouse, parents, siblings, kids, divorced, widowed
friendship and community – old and new friends, church, community service
support networks – informal, formal
lifelong learning – learn something new every day
events – stroke, heart attack
special conditions – osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
accidents happen
mental health – brain fitness, memory, anomia, dementia, Alzheimer’s
fast friends – hiking buddies
fair winds – sailors and other boaters
check ups and tune ups – preventive maintenance – dental, physical
eyes – cataracts, laser surgery, corrective lenses
7 habits – goals – love, life, legacy
remarkable – famous older women – Joan Baez,
road blocks – real and imagined – cost, availability, time
keep it simple – eat food, not too much, mostly plants
hormones and post-menopause
food fads
common sense
would your grandmother recognize this as food
colorful food
back to the future – 100 mile diet – good enough for my grandmothers
literacy – reading and writing, computer, nutrition

storytellers – cast of characters – initials, first name, story