reality check

I get annoyed when I think about all the money that Bill Gates and other obscenely wealth individuals bandy about, “giving” generously to “good cases” of their choosing, some which in turn benefits them! However, an entry in the Mill Valley Memorial Day parade reminded me that they aren’t the worst offenders. Nope, not by a long shot – not when compared with the US government and the spending on the war in Iraq as the signs of Seniors for Peace group pointed out. There are lots better things to do with all this money.

When the US economy goes south, the world (including most Americans) is going to be very surprised to discover just how many poor people there are living in the US today. Many of these folks have worked all their lives and still have nothing. What with the government taking big bucks, the education system teaching them to be good unquestioning worker bees, sophisticated marketing pros convincing them that their self worth depends on having a lot of expensive useless stuff and a healthcare system that doesn’t care about their health, these folks are as poor as anyone in most third world countries. And they have about as slim a chance of changing their longterm outcomes.