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SO sent the information in his post For the Record to First Brother (FB).

Morgan Stanley has issued a “full house sell signal” as of Monday, saying three of its leading indicators – bond yields, Institute for Supply Management new orders, as well as valuation and risk – showed it was time to sell

As Parent Unit’s money managed by SO, is pretty much all in cash, this was sent as FYI

FB replies:

Thanks for forwarding.

My personal hit rate on timing the market is poor. If I bail out and things drop 15% and then rebound, I will loose because of timing my re-entry.
If I bail and then things drop 30-40%, then my chances of catching it are much better.

We can look back in six months and see what happened.
These are the times when I wish I was on an indexed gov’t employees pension plan and didn’t have to think about these variations. It isn’t a challenging game to me, it’s annoying!

Mark your calendars for January 6, 2008.