sf oil spill

The papers are full of it. Newscasts include in-depth interviews with dozens of experts – who knew there were so many people who are expert on all this stuff and have time to be interviewed about the severity of the situation. Last Wednesday, an out-bound freighter was driven into one of the piers of the Bay Bridge. 58,000 gallons of gunk was spilled into the bay. And, before we knew it, it was everywhere, causing hazards to wildlife and boaters, and massive volunteer opportunities.

A caller on a Friday morning talk show was really upset. The folks rescuing birds had their act together and were deploying hundreds of volunteers to find birds in need of assistance. But nothing was being done to contain and clean up the source of the problem, because neither the organization or the equipment were ready to move in the event of a disaster.

Sailing in the bay has been shut down for the time being. The risk of damage to engines and boat fittings is high. Several yacht harbors have deployed oil booms in an effort to prevent damage to boats, docks and beaches within.

The finger pointing is already starting. Apparently, the Coast Guard radar showed the freighter off course, but the pilot said there was no problem. It was foggy, but it is difficult to imagine that the radar was mistaken. However, for their part, the Coast Guard weren’t too quick to let the extent of the spill and the need for definitive action become known. By then, the tide had turned and the mess was spreading with the ebb and flood. The saga continues…