Putting electronics in a spin

>Student submission

I read this article that discusses a new technology called “spintronics”. Spintronics is basically a new way to harness the power of electrons. Traditionally, the flow of electrons in a computer is the basis for transmitting data across the microchips. With spintronics, the data would be captured with just the rotation of the electrons. These rotations would create almost an infinite number of bit positions. Also, this would eliminate the heat produced by electron flow. Theoretically, this will allow computers to be built which will far surpass the speed of current systems and eliminate heat issues.

I believe this technology will revolutionize much more than just computers in the traditional sense. I think everything electronic will benefit from this technology. No longer will we be measuring data in gigabytes, but terabytes will be a household storage measurement. The size of electronic devices we are currently familiar with will become much smaller and portable. Not only will they be smaller, but much faster as well. We already live in a society looking for instant gratification, so, this new technology will only bring us one step closer to that expectation. –WM


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