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  • Globalization – economies, trade, banking, IMF, World Bank, world currency
  • American sovereignty
  • NAFTA, immigration, illegal immagrants, free trade
  • taxpayer funding foreign countries – unconstitutional
  • United Nations participation – cost, sovereignty issues
  • corporate benefits from NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO

Joel Smolen : Libertarian for Congress

CAMPAIGN PLAN – plan, issues, big picture, strategies

  • candidate, issues, theme, calendar, strategy
  • votes – signs, web site, libertarians, email list, political quiz, meetings – fun-raisers, friend-raisers, town hall, candidates forums
  • volunteers – signup, jobs
  • money – donations, merchandise, campaign finance
  • slogans, messages – genuine change
  • Libertarians – national, state, local, other candidates, Libertarian Guide
  • Ron Paul / Campaign for Liberty – Campaign for Liberty Marin County – formerly Ron Paul Meetup mailing list


  • healthcare reform – Hastings Values essays
  • vote smart courage test
  • voter questions
  • sonoma
  • the economy
  • Iraq and terrorism
  • civil liberties
  • immigration
  • adherence to the Constitution
  • foreign policy
  • US sovereignty
  • family values
  • Democrats
  • Republicans


  • campaign management, communication plan, financial plan, volunteer organization & jobs
  • coffee – mv depot, san raphael, somoma??
  • blog – comment on sites, articles, reading links on website
  • facebook, myspace, linkedin
  • references – How to…, more.., resources
  • – meetups, events, support, LP, Marin LP

  • young people – college papers
  • web site – picture, more info – issues, events
  • newsletter – mailing lists, blog –
  • PR / press – letters, press packages
  • taping a candidate statement for KQED Public Television. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, September 5 at 1:30pm at KQED, 2601 Mariposa Street in San Francisco. For directions, please visit
  • If you will be using a teleprompter, please email me your words no later than Tuesday, September 2 at 5pm.
  • debates, public access messages
  • video – youTube
  • around Marin – Farmers’ market, mv square, tam high, blithedale / camino alto fri
  • sign for public appearances – street corner, market
  • elevator speeches, faqs – sample scripts 150 words max – civil liberty, smaller government, education, peace, gun management, immigration
  • handouts – cards, LP info, buttons, lawn signs
  • tracking – to-do, done, discarded, contacts
  • timeline – important dates, events
  • coordination – volunteers, other LP groups, media
– bob barr, ron paul, ? north bay – new

  • FASTSIGNS® (415)507-0878 4460 Redwood Hwy Ste 10 San Rafael, California 94903


personal objectives
message / audiences – libertarians, republicans ??
emailing lists, newsletters, blog with rss
handouts, postcards, lawn signs
appearances, debates, candidates meetings
candidate info – press, smart voter
funds, fundraising – paypal
advertising – newspaper, other
? ron paul – marin

web pages – window title bar, meta tags – picture, video
reading – why are these all here
longer position page, faqs – standard list of questions

lawn signs – visual pollution, removal
fund raising, newspaper ads


Official Positions on The Economy
Official Economic Stimulus Plan
Proposed Government Spending Changes
100% Balanced Budget Voting [ US BUDGET ]
Never Voted for a Tax Increase
Condemns Cause of Housing Bubble [ LINK ]
Eliminate Federal Reserve Monopoly [ VIDEO ]

Votes Against Unconstitutional Wars [ GUIDE ]
Bring Troops Home From Iraq in < 1 Year

SOURCES indicate that even though many Americans believe leaving Iraq in 6 months to 1 year would lead to chaos and make Iraqis angry with us, inciting more terrorism, THE MAJORITYOF IRAQIS disagree with this and want the U.S. out of Iraq IMMEDIATELY. Additionally, Iraqi leaders have been stating for over a year now that they are READY AND ABLE to take over security, but the U.S. refuses to let them and that the U.S. presence is the main contributing factor to the continued instability in the region.

Links Terrorism to “Blowback” in Middle East [ LINK 1 ] [ LINK 2 ] [ LINK 3 ]
Most Donations from the Troops [ LINK ]

100% Against The “Patriot” Act [ INFO ]
100% Limited Government [ RESEARCH ]
100% Against Internet Taxation & Regulation

Strong Against Illegal Immigration [ INFO ]
100% Against Special Treatment for Illegals

100% Right to Keep and Bear Arms [ GUIDE ]
For Honest Asset-Backed Currency [ GUIDE ]
Eliminate Need for Income Tax [ VIDEO ]

End Costly American Imperialism [ LINK 1 ] [ LINK 2 ]
End Preemptive War Doctrine [ LINK 1 ] [ LINK 2 ] [ LINK 3 ] [ LINK 4 ]
End U.S. Interventionist Policy [ LINK ]

Promotes U.S. Sovereignty Over UN [ INFO ]

100% Consistently Pro-Life

“Ron Paul will give this country back to the people.”

Paul is a constitutionalist who wants to bring America back to its original principles of limited government. He won’t even vote for a bill in congress unless it’s authorized by the constitution.

The Paul doctrine: eliminate most federal agencies, no more federal income tax, withdrawal from the U.N., power back to the states and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

“They’d like to see this country turned around where the people have control of their lives, control of their money and control of their destiny and today they feel helpless. They feel like the government is running roughshod over them,” Paul said.


getting rid of the Federal Reserve, returning to the gold standard or decriminalizing drugs.

military people

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title id=”TitleID”>Welcome to the Ron Paul Revolution – Politics – CBN News</title>

meta name=”description” content=”The crowds are huge and the rallies full of passion. Welcome to the revolution – the Ron Paul revolution.”>

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