Greece May 2008

Monday Apr 28 – SFO – Newark – Athens

Tuesday April 29 arrive Athens
Metro to Omonia station 10 euros for 2
Polis Grand Hotel ? address, phone
lunch in square near hotel
walk to Plaka district, base of Acropolis
51 bus to bus terminal A 50 cents each way
purchase ticket to Lefkada for Thurs May 1 1300 – 2 x 29 euros
dinner in square near hotel
great gelato

Wed Apr 30
acropolis, agora, stoa museum – good to go early, gets hot, lots of people with mobility issues
lunch in plaka taverna
flea market walk through
national gardens, roman bath, hadrian’s arch, temple to Olympian Zeus
v – national archaeological museum – closes at 3pm
national library, university, academy
dinner – east of hotel
great pictures of acropolis at night from hotel roof dining

Thurs May 1 – holiday – not local buses, most business closed
marchers gathering at Omonia to walk to parliament
parliament – changing of guard – white / special day uniforms
bus to lefkada – just over 5 hrs with rest stop
j&c walking toward bus terminal as we got to the marina
dinner in lefkada – planned restuarant closed,
restaurant very nice
internet cafe, coffee next door

Friday May 2
small shop, look around town of lefkada
depart around 2 – power through canal
no wind, power down shore past Nidri to Vlikho
Vlikho Yacht Club – actually a bar and restaurant for wine, laundry, internet
dinner at Hippocampus (seahorse)

Sat may 3
dink back to Nidri
coffee, statue of Aristotle Onassis – private island near by, town grew and prosperered supporting Onassis guest, staff
powered past Skorpidhi – Onassis’ island
island of Meganisi – visited Vathi – town at water level – lots of mooring on wall around water front, dredging in main dock area, some new construction, docks being prepared so may be improvements coming
large taverna with dock recently opened on right side of harbour entrance – looked like flotilla lead boat parked, lazy line provided
move on to harbor at Spartakhori – also on Meganisi – town is on hill above the harbor
several tavernas with docks

Sun May 4
Sivota / Syvota on Lefkas – south shore
on town sea wall
lots of tavernas, souvenir shops, markets
Family cafe – Yianni – Armenian proprietress – fresh croissants in mornning
dinner at Taverna Stavros – lamb stew in foil, moussaka, lamb chops
wifi across harbor at ? expecting antenna for better coverage of harbor shortly 5 eurs / hour
supermarket at inland end of haror on left side – internet 4 euros / hour

Mon May 5
flip dink departing Sivota – righted, during passage to Kefalloninia – fresh water wash, motor oil through, clean and dry spark plugs, quick start in intake – started and ran fine, mike take spin around harbor
very busy – OCC, Sunny flotillas + sunsial and others – 40-50 soil boats
G&T, later dinner at Irida taverna
no newspapers yet
severl internet connections – 8 eurs/hr, neptune 4 eurs / hr
coffee place – free wifi to customers
roman ruins next to chandlery – house and tomb
amphitheater discovered last year up the hill behind the bakery – site of apartment building – construction halted with concert base poured – outcome / resolution uncertain as theater is best example in ionian islands
lot of boats at dock – flotilla, misc others – already getting busy even though still early in season
newspapers aren’t available yet – start in next couple of days.
cute town – has everything – several atms, internet, lots of water front tavernas
apartments, rooms available for rent
rental cars, motor scooters
bakery opens at 7am
ferries come in the morning about 9:30
cavo verde cafe has wireless internet – latte and 1/2 hr internet 3.50 euros

Tues May 6
left Fisardho on Kafallinia about 10:30
pass around the north end of Ithica
good harbor at Frikes – town where Penelope waited for Odysseus / Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey located on ridge overlooking harbor
continued on to Kioni on east side of Ithica
Vanna, mother Oasis cafe – pizza for lunch
flotillas start to arrive around 2pm and harbor fills up quickly
many shops and restaurants not open yet
charter companies have more bookings for May than June this year ? hot last June
still no sailing for us – wind always on nose as we move from place to place – perhaps tomorrow
J&C usually stay 2 nights each place – new place ach day for us
we are passing several other harbor each day so we can go to several different islands around the ionian in the 10 days we are here
dinner at oasis – vanni – daughter and mother, eleni cooks
internet at pub/cafe

wed may 7
SAILED – finally wind was a nice reach – not right on the nose
still quite cool, some rain showers
tried to anchor in Kastos harbor – anchor wouldn’t hold – weeds, hard bottom, finally gave up – just 2 small tavernas and not much else – very flat and rocky small island
move on to Kalamos – George waiting on sea wall to take lines and organize yacht packing – about 40+ boat including small boat that arrived about 9pm
dinner at George’s along with OCC group of about 50 including lots of kids, another part of 40+ on other patio
way up steep hill to ‘village’ – cafe with internet that lady didn’t know anything about although open in morning and sign advertises internet access
bakery – bread and rolls ready after 8:30
crepe place makes great chocolate desserts, though we didn’t visit
5 star metaxa is much smoother than 3 star
cheap – 2.30 – 2.70 euro wine in recycled water bottles – white is pretty good, rose is ok
lots of crossed anchor lines so no mad rush to leave

thurs may 8
park in abilike bay on megenisis
anchor and attach stern line to tree on shore
C & V very quick dip – water still only 68 / 20 c

ferry on beach in usual place so back to bay on north west – dink back to dock in front of taverna and walk into Vathi – significant uphill, then down into village
drinks and dinner at rose garden
internet at rose garden
wireless at taverna next along from rose garden – bring own laptop
great dinner
marion and david from Ameil joined us – from Vancouver / ireland

friday may 9
motor over to beach at – cows – lunch, stoney beach – cold but clear water – dabble feet from dimk but did not swim
nice sail toward nidri, then power down to vleio bay
drinks and dinner at vlehio yacht club – laundry, internet

Sat may 10
return to lefkada
dinner at alex’s

Sun May 11
bus back to Athens
Archaeological museum closed early today – at 3 instead of 5:30
Best Western Museum
dinner at Rosalia’s (Pozania) – suggested by hotel front desk guy

Mon May 12
finally – National Archaeological Museum is open – it is wonderful and well worth the effort
pottery from 5000 BC
amazing marble sculpture – graceful, realistic
bronze – boy and horse, Augustus

Tues May 13
return home

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