cats and deere

Don Coxe thinks basics like food and energy are the places to be. For food, he suggests farm-equipment. A friend was telling me that her financial adviser had her back in Caterpillar CAT. She has been in and out of the stock over the years, each time with significant returns. She is sure that this time is no different. So, maybe it is time to add some Caterpillar. It isn’t exactly into food productions, but roads and infrastructure are pretty basic, and in need of maintenance and repair. Dividends are currently over 4% so this is in the income asset class.

Good old John Deere DE could be poised for good things. Now that is your basic food production bet. We visited Landmark Winery in Napa. The great grand children of John Deere are the owners and still in the agra-business. They have the best assortment of John Deere merchandise – napkins and key ring for first brother who is restoring a vintage Deere tractor. Some John Deere stock for me. The dividend yield around 3.4% isn’t too wonderful, but this is the stock equivalent of comfort food.