>CIS2 Winter 2009

>Course format

  • one topic per week – textbook chapter, notes, assignments, activities, discussion
  • all assignments due at 11:30pm on the specified due dates – see Syllabus for dates. Late work will be accepted but late penalty will apply
  • watch for new posting to the News forum for announcements, changes and important information
  • college level writing is required for all discussions and assignments
  • many assignments require web research and citations (APA preferred though MLA citations will be accepted).
  • NO on-campus meeting
  • ask if you have questions or need clarification

Online learning success in CIS 2 requires

  • regularly participating in discussions
  • allocating adequate time to do course work during the week
  • completing all assignments on time
  • taking responsibility for your own learning
  • learning to use technology as an important part of the course work – online discussions, chat, collaborative writing, online tutoring, wikis, web-based supplemental materials
  • understanding the Catalyst course management system tools and process
  • appreciating the unconventional course experiences and the opportunity to interact with other students online

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