>Managing emails from discussions

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Managing emails from discussions

There are a lot of discussions in this course, so you need to figure out how to manage the flow. Each person is different so you will need to experiment. There are several different controls for viewing and receiving updates when new information is posted to a discussion.

Viewing postings – there is a pull-down menu over the forum topic display where you can control how you see all the postings – newest first, oldest first, threaded or nested.

Tracking – if you turn tracking on, you will see the number of new unread postings for each discussion forum displayed on the main page and in the forum page. This is a great feature, so you don’t miss any new posts, and it tells you how many there are.

Subscribe – will send you notification whenever anyone posts to this forum or forum topic – these controls are in the forum itself, in messages you post, on the forums page that lists all the forums. You can un-subscribe to any of the forums except the News forum. Subscribe/Unsubscribe is a”link” in the upper right of a forum page.

In your personal profile, there are more controls where you can select to receive individual emails for posts or get them in a digest or batch emailed to you once a day. I like the daily batch – an email comes once a day that is a quick reminder of what’s going on. This is a big help for busy students who appreciate a snapshot of the activity in the course without logging in. It is also a reminder to log in!

Experiment with these until you find the set that works best for you.

If this doesn’t make any sense, wait a week. Then come back and review the information and adjust your discussion controls.


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