>Help and where to get it

>Question from a student

I just wanted to let you know that I am honestly unsure about the catalyst website. I don’t understand what I am suppose to do … Do you know where I can go to get help?

There are several resources available to you.
From the main Catalyst front page

There are a number of links – information for first time students,
tutorials, frequently asked questions.

Once you log into Catalyst, select
CIS 2 – Taylor, 09W
* Teacher: Valerie Taylor

This brings you into the CIS2 course where there are many more resources.

The links in the top block of the course main page will help, particularly
* Introduction to Catalyst

The other links in this top section provide general information about
the course, the welcome notice, and syllabus

The course is divided into weekly topic modules – these appear as
numbered sections on the main CIS2 page.

There is an Assignment and Notes link for each module. Start each week
by reviewing these two pages.

Be sure to read the information posted in the general discussion forums
* News forum – instructor notes to the whole class
* Questions forum – questions asked by students and answered by
students and/or the instructor

You can always get back to the main page of the course from any other
page in the course using the links at the top of each page.

There are plenty of help links – little circles with ? – throughout
the course that provide information about the basic functioning of the

Hope this helps. If you have specific questions, please post them to
the Questions? forum in the top section of the CIS2 main page. Others
are likely to have the same questions. Be the first to ask!


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