>Assignments – there are lots of small activities to allow you the flexibility to manage your time and schedule your course work in a way that is best for you. Some students do a few at a time several times a week. Others tend to do bigger batches. Please DO NOT do all the assignment activities in one marathon work session. The course is designed so that everyone participates several times throughout the week. This is a requirement. When you participate is up to you.

Tracking your work is important. All the assignments are listed with the instructions on a separate page that pops up in a new window. This way, we all know what all the activities are. However, it is a lot of information. Finding a way of tracking your work will take a bit of experimentation.

Tips for tracking your work.

  • keep a list of the numbers of the assignment activities for the week – just the numbers. Cross out or check off the number as you complete the assignment activity. This works for me. I have a row of numbers that correspond the the activities for the week. I put an X through its number as I complete an activity.
  • print out the assignment page, highlight the activities and indicate on this page when you finish an activity. Some students like a paper copy to work from. That’s fine if that works for you.

Assignments in a new page – If you are using Firefox as your browser – you should be as this is the recommended one – you may be blocking pop-ups.

From your browser tool bar, under Tools > Options > Content see the dialog box. You probably have the Block Pop-ups checked. There is a Exceptions link next to this – add Catalyst as an exception. This will allow the CIS2 Assignments to open in a separate window.


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