>Automatically graded quizzes can be taken any number of times. Your highest score will be recorded.

Some quizzes are graded automatically, and your grade is recorded as soon as you submit it.

Other quizzes include questions that are Instructor-graded – they say this in the quiz link title. The instructor graded questions are usually graded within 2-3 days of the due date. Until then, these questions are included in the quiz grade as zero. You may see a partial grade if the quiz includes both kinds of questions. Don’t panic until after the grading period.

Please note that quizzes have a Save and a Submit function. You can save your answers without submitting the quiz for grading. Be sure that you click the Submit link at the end of the quiz. Otherwise no grade can be assigned. If you think you submitted a quiz and there is no grade and it is not instructor-graded, check that you actually Submitted it for grading.


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