>Assignments and Grading

>— from Welcome to CIS2

Most assignments are structured so that students apply and comment on the information discussed in the textbook reading. So long as all the requirements are met, including on-time submission, you get full marks for the assignment. Students are encourage to fulfill these requirements in creative and personally interesting, academically appropriate ways. These assignments allow for each student’s answer to be different.

Grading and feedback are based on reviewing your work and ensuring that the requirements are met. I may provide a comment, along with updating the assignment grade. If there are any missing elements or requirements, points will be deducted. A comment about the deduction is included.

I check for mail and discussion postings at least once most days. However, I only grade assignments and review quiz results in batches, usually 2-3 days after the assignments are due.

If you have questions about your grade, please check for comments first. I use the assignment and quiz comments so you know exactly where a problem occurred. I use comments to bring something to your attention. If the comment does not answer your question, then send me a message about your concern.


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