Internet, Computers and Terrorism

Terrorists are becoming more and more technology savvy. With computers systems controlling more and more infrastructure and amenities, with databases controlling economics and trade, the sites that host them can become easy targets both physically and virtually in order to jeopardize civic life. Do you think virtual terrorism and internet terrorism are future possibilities?

Only in the context of a terrorist trying to blow up a data center/ routing server. I wouldn’t necessarily call hackers terrorists (unless you’ve seen Die Hard 4) Most hackers, hack for the challenge of just doing it, or the money. I would call it less terrorism and more of a deliberate sabotage. It of course depends on the intended goal/result. Cracking the system or inflicting bodily harm.

I believe that the potential for destruction as a result of cyber terrorism is a serious concern in the modern world. Cyber terrorists have at their disposal a wide variety of tactics they can use! Kind of spooky!


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