>More about Discussion grading

>A student asked – This is a little silly but I was wondering is Discussion 3 out of 9 or 10 points? I just noticed that most discussions were out of 10.

The latest upgrade of the Catalyst software (Fall 08) allows more flexibility in grading discussions. As discussions are an important part of the course, the grades and grading should reflect their importance and level of your participation.

I’m “improving” the scoring for discussions as we go. The 9 points in Discussion 3 is a maximum of 3 points each for the 3 topics.

You will be seeing some other discussion grading throughout the course. If your discussion participation meets or exceeds what is outlined in the discussion activity description, you will get full points. If the grading is any more specific, students worry too much about meeting the requirements which detracts from the discussion. The objective is to encourage thoughtful interaction and learning about the topic of discussion.

Is it helpful having all the discussion topics group in a single forum for the week? What would you like to see graded in a discussion? How would that be communicated? Do you want other students to rate your postings? Would it be ok for other students to see your posting grades?

I would like your feedback on the discussion participation grading.


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