>Illustrations of Community Service Learning

>Check out Roy’s wonderful illustrations.

These graphics were created as his Community Service Learning project. The work was “commissioned” by the Community Empowerment Collective.

Other artists had created illustrations of scenes of communities working together. The settings were African. Roy offered to provide another set of illustrations depicting people from his Indian background. He has captured the dress and culture in his versions.

Community Empowerment Collective creates, develops, produces and distributes training material and guidance aimed at community mobilisers, their trainers and their coordinators (managers) to promote the self reliance, development and strengthening of low income communities, with a focus on least developed countries, and in other low income areas.

The Community Empowerment training materials are available on the web. They are being translated into many languages already – notably English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Italian. The training resource library is constantly expanding with translations being added. Current translation initiatives include African and Asian languages. Additional translation volunteers with proficiency and fluency in any language are always welcome to help expand access to the Community Empowerment through localization.



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