>collaborative writing

>Still stuck on how the theme topic you pick relates to the final project prompt questions?

Aleida suggested these for the topic encourage cooperation among students

what will be the important global social and technology issues in the next 3-5 years? That would, encourage cooperation among students?

What role will computer and internet technology play? To encourages cooperation among students?

Yes, this is the idea. You can change the questions to suit your topic better, but this is a good start. The point being, there are plenty of global social issues and technology issues around each of the theme topics that you can explore, analyze and report.

There are examples of new technologies and how they are being included to benefit learners. There are many uses of technologies in education that have their critics too. There is an opportunity to provide a student perspective on the future of technology and teaching and learning.

The Final Project is a collaborative writing activity. This is pretty leading edge – project-based learning to deliver globally accessible open educational resources (OERs) in a recognized public educational forum – WikiEducator. So there is a good deal of freedom to explore some of these ideas in new and interesting ways. That also means that you and your team will have to figure this out, as you are some of the first students to ever do something like this.

Ask questions if you need to, but you may come up with better ideas within your group. If you are really frustrated, please ask. This is an interesting and important learning opportunity. Enjoy.


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