Grades – check yours now

This is the time in the semester when I remind everyone to check your Grades. There is a link to Grades in the left navigation menu. You can check your grades at anytime. Do it NOW!

You can submit work late but points may be deducted. Some points are better than no points! If you have submitted late work that hasn’t been graded, it will be graded before the end of the semester. I check all assignments during the last week of the semester and grade anything that is submitted and not yet graded.

Be sure that you save and submit quizzes – this is the biggest reason for missed points. If you don’t release a quiz for grading, Catalyst prevents a grade from being assigned. This is especially important for the Final Project “quiz” because this accounts for a significant portion of your course grade.

There are several Extra Credit assignments – listed at the very bottom of the course main page. You can earn a few more points here.

Thanks Stefan, for your extra credit submission in X. Catalyst features and guidelines

Grades Section

When I took my first online course last semester I was unaware of the “Grades” section of catalyst until about 3/4ths of the semester was over. It turned out that I had missed a couple of assignments somehow because either some instruction was written uncleanly or I was not able to find the assignment itself. After viewing the Grades section, I was able to see all the assignments and be able to keep track of what I had done and most importantly what had to be done for the class. Since then it is one of the most visited pages for me because I can see exactly what the instructor needs to be turned in and when. For this course I was also able to take advantage of this feature by seeing how assignments needed to be submitted, what assignments in particular and was able to also keep work organized so that there was no confusion about what had to be submitted for grading.

If you have questions or concerns about your grades, ask now.


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