>Final project submission

>The objective for the Final Project is to write collaboratively as a group and publish interesting research and critical thinking on these practices from a students’ perspective.

You aren’t finished until your final submission is “published” in the space set up for the purpose, and exhibits collaborative writing and editing through the wiki tools provided.


We are building a community space and repository of student work that can be maintained over time. This is different from your personal user account page.

Part of your grade will be based on evidence of collaborative writing – the history and discussion pages associated with your designated project page. If no work is done here, then you are not actually doing one of the tasks within the project requirements. Anyone can write a couple of paragraphs and paste them into a wiki page – this project is about so much more than that.

I strongly suggest that you place any and all content that you have written so far and place it on your assigned wiki space. Then work collaborative – everyone working on developing and improving the shared work.


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