>First of all, it is not too late, but it is good to ask for help. However, this student is hard to help because I have no idea where to start. The student doesn’t provide any information about the “confusion” – is it the instructions? the assignments? the Catalyst software? I have no way to know that. So here is my response.

Let’s try to get you going right away. Do you have specific questions?

Were you able to log into Catalyst and access the CIS2 course?

Did you read through the introduction information – links near the top of the course main page in the center section? Did you access the Help that pops up when you are asked for input in the Catalyst forms?

Did you access the “Assignments” for the first topic – this will open in a small separate window. It is a list of activities for the week. It looks like a lot, but most are fairly short. These will help you learn to use the Catalyst tools as well as learn about Computers and the Internet in Society.

Let me know how far you get. Ask specific questions. Tell me what is happening when you get stuck or confused.

I understand that students who are new to distance learning and Catalyst will need some help getting started. Some of your classmates probably have the same questions. Some of your classmates have already taken several courses in Catalyst. Some of your classmates will be able to help too.


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