>graded assignments

>As you work through the activities in the Assignments for the week’s topic, there are usually discussions and assignments and quizzes. There are points for each. Your total score is the sum of all the possible points.

Quizzes and assignments are pretty straight forward. For discussions, the points awarded vary. Some times points are awarded for specific postings. Other times, points are awarded for the quality of the initial posting and additional points for replys to the posts of others in the class. The requirements are outlined in the Assignments. The scoring varies. If you do everything that is described in the Assignment, you will get full points.

You may not get full points for several reasons. College level writing and demonstration of analysis and critial thinking are required. In some cases there are a required number of responses to class posts. Some weeks, points are awarded to only one of several discussions – you need to participate in all discussions assigned for each topic, even if they aren’t all graded.

All assignment activities are required. Most but not all are graded.


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