>second life

>We are looking into working on a Second Life project. I want some general student feedback about Second Life use. This is a very informal survey.

Do you have an experience using Second Life? Do you visit Second Life regularly? Do you have any interest in developing simulations of places or displays? Do you meet up with others and interact with others in SL? Do you explore on your own?

If you haven’t used Second Life, I still need your feedback. What do you know about Second Life? Does it sound interesting to you?

Do you think that activities in Second Life could be appropriate for this course? Should they be required or optional?

If you have never heard about Second Life, that’s ok – I need to hear from you too.

The first student response referenced a commercial graphic design site – not the official Second Life site. So the initial response gave an erroneous account of the capabilities and understandably, dismissed the potential usefulness of Second Life to the course. Clearly more explanation is required before we can have a meaningful discussion about Second Life ans its relevance to education in general, and CIS2 in particular.

This misunderstanding is good information – Second Life is not so well known. I’m sorry, I should have included more specific reference information.

The official Second Life site is http://secondlife.com

Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. Second Life is a fast-growing digital world. There are some interesting experiments and simulations and educational experiences being developed. We can’t all go to distant countries or inside unsafe buildings or restricted-access medical facilities. We can’t imagine what the world looks like to a schizophrenic. But we can observe, touch and interact with people and places like these in Second Life virtual worlds.

There is a description at http://secondlife.com/whatis/

and the Wikipedia entry is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Life

There is a lot of interest in using Second Life in education. http://secondlifegrid.net/slfe/education-use-virtual-world

Are we ready for SL yet?


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