>where are you?

>Q: i really need help on the online volunteering im a lil confused about it and would really appreciate it if u can help me because i don’t want to fall behind

I know that there is a lot to this online community service learning assignment. All the information is provided. And this is part of the problem – there is a lot of information, so that the requirements and resources and process are clear.

However, you really have to read the information and take some action. Just telling me that you are confused doesn’t help either of us.

What don’t you understand?

Did you read the instructions?

Have you looked at the list of partner projects? Which one do you want to work on. There are lots to chose from.

Have you accessed The Tech Virtual Museum?

Have you accessed the Global Fellows area within The Tech Virtual?

Have you signed up for The Tech Virtual?

Global Fellows projects

Your SCU Global Fellows (SCU.GF) partners are coming online there. There are discussion forums setup so you can ask specific project related questions for the SCU.GF to respond and collaborate.

The Tech Museum projects

You need to sign up as a Tech volunteer (online form) as well as creating a Tech Virtual account.

Bob Ketner, Virtual Community Manager, The Tech Virtual rketner@thetech.org is waiting to hear from you.

Now, do you have questions?


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