>4. Intellectual Property

>underwater repair

This week, we are looking at intellectual property rights – what they are, who has them, and what can be protected.

With computers and particularly with web technology, there has been a significant increase in attention to intellectual property. Because of the ease of access to information and the ability to duplicate and store vast amounts of data, more people have concerns about their rights to it.

All the information and online workspaces have been set up for the Community Service Learning projects. Everyone should create an account at The Tech Virtual, select a project, post to the Check-In discussion forum for the project partner and get busy making contact and starting project work.

Just for fun – read the article. How many of these terms were new to you?
Gadget jargon still confuses many
– WAP, dongle, and cookie are some of the least understood words by the British public, according to a survey.


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