>community service progress 2009.04.29

>We are off to a slow start but things are picking up. So much is new for all of us, but we are quick learners…

It is always challenging when launching a new program with lots of new elements, especially when the process is complex. Collaborating online is new for pretty much everyone. Now we have made it even more interesting – adding two new community partners – The Tech Virtual and Santa Clara University.

We are also using additional web functionality that is new to us. The Tech Virtual site management http://thetechvirtual.org/ is similar to Catalyst, but different in many respects.

Oh yes, and the projects are unlike anything that anyone has worked on in the past. Lots of new learning experience for students and the community partners and the instructor. But this is very real in life.

In the end, this will be so worth it. We are getting close to having the structure and communications in place to really get rolling on the project work. There is plent to do and time to do it. However, everyone really needs to get involved and get busy.

This has been somewhat frustrating for all, but it will be worth it. The projects will deliver considerable information and benefits to others around the world. This is how computers and the internet can contribute to society in a very big and positive way. And, you will have been part of it from the very beginning. That’s exciting community service learning.



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