>community service learning – weekly status reports

>Add your weekly status report as a comment.

Provide your initials, the partner organization and project, a description of the work you have done, and the number of hours worked.


33 thoughts on “>community service learning – weekly status reports

  1. >I signed up for Online Community Service for Project Gutenberg. Today was my first day proofreading pages. I don’t have any stats, but I finished proofreading around 10 to 15 pages. The proofreading is not bad at all and I got to read an intersting story. -AT

  2. >I’m now working with the SCU global fellows project. I have been working with them for a while now, and have finally started to understand how to contribute most effectively. It took me so long to understand how the assignment works and I’m still a little confused on how to log my hours and explain my service hours. Hopefully I’ll understand a little more how to do that from some others comments!

  3. >I had also signed up for Project Gutenberg. It is going great so far I enjoyed to read the story I got and to help generating e-books. In a way were are helping with the advacement of technology, it is great! LG

  4. >My name is Will A. and I have been working at my church in a local community service opportunity. I have worked 6 hours so far and I have completed some interesting tasks. I have set up a computer station to import video from different media devices and have began importing a series of church productions to be made onto DVDs. I have been working on the first dvd to make sure that it looks somewhat professional by creating video menus and importing the main logo design for the title screen. I have also helped around the church setting up for different events. My video and computer task relates to this class because i am experiencing the development of technology first hand and its transitions. I know that a lot of what I am doing doesn’t really have to do with computers, but it makes me feel like I am somewhat fulfilled in life; that I have done something important. I enjoy being online, but I like that I can physically see first hand that what I have done has helped real people.-W.A.A.

  5. >HKIt is a new experience for me, i never thought that we can do any kind of community service online.I am doing it first time and we are working with techvirtual and global fellows. My project is internet availability and i am half way through this project. This class is about computer and their good and bad effects, social and legal issues. But with the help of computers i am getting a new experience, i am learning a lot and i am learning new stuff. It shows the good side of computers. We faced problems, i was confused but as i went on with it i understood. I have gathered imformation which my partner needs and i have worked 6 hours so far, i have to research about internet connections in South Africa so its a very interesting experience for me. I think if we did not had problems we would have worked more but for all of us it was new so thats what i can suggest. I am still working i hope i can complete my work on time.

  6. >Hi, I am recently participating in Environmental Sustainable under Global Fellow Ship. Based on the current report from Indonesia News, this country climate is changing gradually.By affecting of changing climate, the global warming emission is concerned and supported by government with the program UNDP. . They are developing a long term “multi-sectoral” and multi-stakeholder Climate change Adaption” national programme.

  7. >I started proofreading some pages in Project Gutenberg today. I didn’t keep track of how many, though, but I did about an hour and a half. Still trying to get used to what I have to change and what I don’t.

  8. >I’m doing Project Gutenberg and so far it’s quite cool. Some of the stories are cool to read, even if it’s a page or two of them and proofreading them isn’t too hard. It’s cool to see how a community of people can come together and do something like this for free and for the benefit of others.

  9. >I signed up for Project Gutenberg. I started working on the project on May 4. First day I finished 2 pages of proofreading. I wanted to see how interesting the work is before finalizing on the project. Next day I finished about 20 pages of proofreading. I can find books that are interesting to me to read. I can continue to work on this project even after the course. It feels good to be able to do something from the comfort of my home.

  10. >I post the information into Tech Virtual forum, I copy from Word and the format is kind of weird, a lot of letter gather with my text. Is anyways, some one helps me get me to fix that problem, please?

  11. >From:Ha TranI started my project on May 3th, and reading through requirement. It is confuse me last time, but when I read through each detail find out there is keywords for me to search information from website. I went to Indonesia website, surprise and scare me that all Indonesian language. However, I think I found right ULR to work on. It take long time for me to find report, and understand the project concept!Totally now I doing this project almost 6 hours to night, and 3 hours yesterday, the other days, i don’t remember.

  12. >Thanks to everyone who figured this out.I have added a new “feature” – subscribe to this site feed and get an email every time something new is posted here.

  13. >Hello, my name is Dustin Chan and I work for the Boys & Girls Club after school Monday through Friday. I basically tutor kids that are failing middle school in a last chance effort to get them passing. Then for the rest of the day I run a computer lab. I teach basic computer skills to ages 6-18. I have a group of 10-20 that are advanced users and we make projects.

  14. >I signed up for the Tech Virtual early last week. I e-mailed the supervisor for the project that I chose but did not hear back. I contacted the Tech Virtual again through the website so hopefully I will get a response this time around so I can start clocking in.-HW

  15. >Hey everyone, i am a little behind on my community work as in i have only gotten in a few hours. I am working to research other museums across the country to see what type of different exhibits they are working on. Also, I am volunteering at the Tech this saturday to help out with their “Sleepover.” So far it has been interesting getting used to working online but i am picking it up quickly. I am glad to see other students are getting along well!-GC

  16. >I am getting used to working online. I am working on the Gutenberg project that requires me to proofread pages. I have finished about 3 hours of work about 40 pages. I plan on working for another hour tonight. I don’t think I will be able to finish 12 hours by next week. I will continue to work on Project Gutenberg for few extra days.

  17. >I signed up for Online Community Service for Project Gutenberg. I haven’t actually started profreading pages yet but I fully intend to start tomorrow to catch up with the community service project. From some of the comments about the project here, the profreading sounds real interesting and not bad at all. -CM

  18. >My name is reynaldo and i have been working on the internet availability project I have been on this project off and on for about a week now searching sites for the stuff we are looking for and that are useful for our project.

  19. >My name is Lik Man Au,I have started to search for the topics that related to my project, and i have found some astonishing result on global internet availability. I currently have spent 4 hours on the searching workL A

  20. >After several this morning in reading Indonesia news, people, and their environmental, I feel that we are in America is so luck than them, living in nice condition.Anyways, tonight, I will find more information about them.

  21. >Hi,WingLamI think you should post on the prpject page that you are working on. As the teacher mentioned before, post your work under wiki, use “edit” or “add comment” to post your point of view.

  22. >Reynaldo: Just found out that we narrowed down the internet availability research to India and South Africa been doing research for about a week now on these two countries and Turkey and I’d say logged about ^ hours so far but mostly going to focus on India. Is that ok with my group?

  23. >I’m done! I did a little over 12 hours of work for the Tech Virtual and am very excited to see where some of it is going. I worked on designing exhibit ideas around sustainability.

  24. >I just finished up my community service today. I did proofreading for Project Gutenberg. Basically you just edit pages and they get put into an e-book.-CY (Charlie Yin)

  25. >I have done about 15 hours of work. About 9 hours this week. I am still working at Saratoga Federated Church working on transferring VHS tapes to DVDs and making copies to distribute. I also helped out with the website database system where band members can get music and updates for practices. I haven’t finished yet but I shall still help out until I finish.

  26. >I’ve logged over over 10 hours over the last week and a half on Project Gutenberg. Reading and correcting books and even instruction manuels from auto parts to microscopes. I even proofread a book in german. EVen though I don’t speak it, I read that I just need to make sure the text matches the hardcopy. This has been a very enlightening experience for me. I will continue to do what I can for Project Gutenberg. AT

  27. >I have done Global Fellow Ship over 12 hours. It is unbelievable when I spent 2 or 3 hours each days, and they sum up over the requirement. I hope we know our planet is going to be time by time losing “natural” in our lives.

  28. >I completed my 12 hours of community service learning project by participating in the “Gutenberg Project.” I finished over 12 hours and will continue to do more since the project is very interesting. I end up spending 2-3 hours each time I start working on the project.

  29. >I did my 12 hours so far and am still coming up with new ideas, I think it’s really fun, I like being creative and trying to make a fun and interactive experience, I wish our technology was even more advanced so we would be able to do all kinds of things so that people would have a better understanding of technology.

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