>Community service and work

>Thanks to everyone who is making progress on their community service projects. We are starting to see some things happening. I really appreciate the time and effort from several folks who had to struggle with new procedures, instructions needing clarifications, and access restrictions. Things are getting better but they could be better still. So thanks for your questions and suggestions. I really appreciate all your help.

Several students have selected Project Gutenberg. This is a good project that benefits people all over the world. It isn’t as creative or collaborative as the Global Fellows of The Tech Virtual projects, but that’s ok.

The discussions about the Crime topic last week were very interesting. I hope that you are more aware of the “opportunities” for crimes and criminals as well as for law enforcement.

This week we will be looking at many different aspects of work and jobs that can be impacted by computers and the internet. The book emphasizes the negative effects. Keep a more balanced view and think about all the positive indirect effects as well. It is more difficult to see these secondary benefits, but they are very important when considering the impact on society as a whole.


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