>Community service project due

>How is your community service project going?

Have you completed your 12 hours of service work? Have you logged your time and what you worked on?

Have you completed and submitted your proposal outlining the work that you were planning to do?

When you have completed the work, complete and submit the Community service SUMMARY quiz. This is how your community “service” ties in with “learning” about the impact on society. Think about what you did as just one person. Your work and the work of hundreds of thousands of others has a huge benefit to society.

Look around the Global Fellows wiki pages.

Several CIS2 student have already added to the wiki pages, either through direct edits or as comments. The information from the comments is being added to the wiki page as the pages are written and edited collaboratively.

This is exciting work that is being done. It will benefit others beyond the class and the community partners. This is important work you are doing for the global community.


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