Final project wiki work

>Congratulations to Final Project Group 3 for starting up your project wiki page.

I strongly recommend that all groups start working in the wiki page provided for your group – see links provided at

This is where you will “deliver” your final project so it really helps to start working here now. Trying to figure this out within hours of the project due date is a bad idea. Start now. Find someone on your team who can coordinate the group page and help others in the group.

The wiki is key to collaborative writing. That is the primary objective of the final project – working as a team in an online collaborative writing project.

Be sure to use the discussion forums too. This provided better tracking of group communication than email or messages. This is important.

Please ask questions if you need clarification or help. But try to get everyone in your group involved. Remember – this is a group project. The process is as important as the product. Let me know if someone isn’t participating – we can work something out. This is a group project – not the work of one or two students.

Hope this gets you going.


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