What would I do with my money that government now spends for me? Certainly not give it to the Wall Street crowd. Nor foot the bill for protection and support provided to the current regime in Afghanistan.

In his article Cure Millions of Leprosy — or Just Give Hank Paulson a Tax Break?, Matt Bivens outlines some of the medical humanitarian expenditures would be a better use of my money. A few of my personal choices would include:

  • $5 billion in two decades tracking down and vaccinating billions of people against polio, preventing the paralysis of five million children worldwide.
  • $300 million eradicated smallpox that had killed more people than all of that 20th century’s wars combined
  • $200 million cured 14 million people of leprosy

You don’t see dollar amounts expressed in Millions much any more. That is what is so truly remarkable about these expenditures. Good value for money spent.


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