Indispensable Enemies

Open Left via Liberal Arts Dude : Book Review of Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America

Originally published in 1973, Indispensable Enemies argues that to truly understand power in American society, one should look closely at the two major political parties, the Democrats and Republicans. Rather than looking at prominent politicians or elected leaders, lobbyists, or corporations, Karp argues that to truly understand power in America, the focus should be on party organizations and the bosses who rule these organizations on the local, state and national level. Karp argues that nothing happens in American politics, government and hence, society at large, without the approval and consent of these bosses. However, these bosses and the decisions they make, although they have a big impact in society, are largely invisible to the general public.

The book addresses a underlying problem with “democracy” in the United States – it isn’t democratic and hasn’t been for a very long time. Liberal Arts Dude has selected an number of passages that highlight the problem. Remember, this book was written in 1973 and little has changed since then. Shame on us…


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